All things including human beings and synthesizers owe their existence to matter forged within the hearts of ancient stars and eventually dispersed into the universe after exploding as supernovas.  "Music for Supernovas” plays with this idea on multiple levels by creating music for supernovas by supernovas.  Traveling in deep space we will encounter on the higher electromagnetic frequency bands sounds such as these produced by celestial bodies.

On "Music for Supernovas” Mystical Sun exclusively uses modular synthesizers as they allow for organic sound design with an infinite sonic palette.  

All life owes it’s existence to matter formed in the hearts of ancient suns that went supernova.  In essence we are all created from supernovas.  Music for Supernovas is a collection of deep ambient journeys created on modular synthesizers that explore our ancient past as parts of celestial beings.

36:36 Music for Supernovas Movement One

28:44 Music for Supernovas Movement Two

27:15 Music for Supernovas Movement Three

33:10 Music for Supernovas Movement Four


released September 6th, 2016


produced by Mystical Sun

cover art created with zoneXplorer (AmigaOS)