Field recordings of the Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian islands are home to myriad topical habitats all of which are brimming with lush fauna and a cacophony of natural sounds.  "Island Lifeforms"  is the ultimate Hawaii nature sounds recording.

The field recordings used on "Island Lifeforms" were all recorded with a hand held digital recorder, a condenser microphone and a hydrophone and feature the sounds of native frogs, birds, humpback whales alongside the environmental sounds of rainstorms, the ocean, burbling streams and magnificent waterfalls.

The album contains three sonic explorations of Hawaii. The first two tracks: “Lush Days” and “Balmy Nights” take the listener on a journey into the jungle regions and the sounds of life found there. The third track, titled “Humpback Whales in Love” experiments with pitching the sounds of the humpback whale up into the frequency range of the human voice and foregrounds it as if it were a human singer.

29:59 Lush Days

29:36 Balmy Nights

02:57 Humpback Whales in Love


Release Date 3/6/2017


produced by Mystical Sun

cover art by Mystical Sun

Special thanks to Kim Cascone for the generous loan of the hydrophone.

Extra special thanks to the Pacific Whale Foundation for facilitating the Humpback Whale recordings.  Please support whale research