Psybient subsonic mission into the unknown – 11 new tracks that explore different genre fusions. Imagine ambient, electronic, downtempo, shoegaze, dub and dubstep influences mixed in an hour long ambient journey. On EMC, it’s about the atmospheres and soundscapes; music for voyaging into the unknown. 

“Dune Oscillator” is a vast desert chiller with electric sitar and dub fx. “Blue Lotus” is playful, melodic and deep. “Departure” feels moody and shoegazey. “Passage” and “Holographic Rain” are related to invisible landscapes. “Protostar” is an epic galactic level electric sitar dub with transcendent synth voxes. “Lava Tubes” is a tribal subsurface rhythm flowing in and out. Transitioning “Incense” signals the beginning of an experience. “Dark Energy” and “Expansions” become cosmic twins in space. “Sanctuarium” closes the album in cadence.



released Aug 8, 2018

produced by Mystical Sun
mastered by Vincent Villuis