Incredible. Next level ambient, pulsing with organic grooves. He's got a great catalog, but this is the capstone on the pyramid of his sonic canon." -Robert Pheonix

Legendary artists who make psychedelic dub, ambient and downtempo music have been re-emerging with outstanding works and Mystical Sun is one of them with his first album in 3 years, made with an intentional 2012 release for Earthdance Music. 
The result is a journey to a place of tropical beaches, rainforests and islands where you sip Kava and take the moment in. 

26000 does not include one preset sound, every sound is crafted from live instrumentation and then molded into intricate percussive, atmospheric and nature sounds by design. The sound can be said to be a blend of Future Sound Of London, Ulrich Shnauss, Shpongle and H.U.V.A. Network, lightly stirred and epically etheric. 

The often elusive Mystical Sun is no stranger to success, having had over two million track downloads from his first album, his ‘Energy Mind Consciousness ‘ and ‘Deeperworlds’ album being ‘album of the year’ on Echoes Radio and still regulars on the eMusic Downtempo charts. 
With an ever growing fan base through his years of releases on compilations for the worlds leading downtempo, dub and chillout labels. What we do know is that his ever evolving explorations in sound design and recreation / re-molding of micro genres to suite his own ends, makes listening to a Mystical Sun album a full journey, a deep place to be, but always warm and with resolution


Reality Sandwich interview with Michael Garfield


released May 30, 2012

produced by Mystical Sun
mastered by Vincent Villuis